Image: Pentagon urges direct talks on Doklam standoff
Image Source: Financial Express

India and China should engage in direct dialogue to reduce the tension over a military stand-off in Doklam, the Pentagon has said

Chinese and Indian soldiers have been locked in a face-off in the Doklam area at the tri-junction of India, Bhutan and China after Indian troops stopped the Chinese army from building a road in the disputed area.

Earlier this week, a senior Pentagon Commander told the U.S. lawmakers that China was exploiting its economic leverage as a way to further its regional political objectives.

About Indo-China standoff at Doklam plateau:

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Indo-China standoff at Doklam plateau is an outcome of India obstructing Beijing’s effort to extend a border road through the Doklam Plateau.

China claims Doklam plateau, which is currently disputed b/w Beijing and Thimpu (Bhutan), to gain a strategic edge over India. The road China claims to be building in its “own territory” in Doklam plateau would give it a strategic advantage against India in a possible military conflict in future. Doklam is critical as it brings China even closer to the Indian border in a vulnerable location towards the direction of the 27-km-long Siliguri Corridor or “chicken’s neck” that links the northeastern state to the rest of India.

For India, Doklam plateau holds immense importance as Chinese control over Doklam plateau will undo the terrain and tactical advantage that India has in the region. Chinese foray into the Doklam plateau will also impact India economically as the Chumbi Valley, which is close to the plateau, has served as a trade route from Sikkim’s capital Gangtok through Yadong and Gyantse on to Dalai Lama’s court at Lhasa.



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